I’ve not lived in the UK for 20+ years, is it really possible to get  a UK mortgage, especially when I have no credit footprint ? 

UK Mortgage Without A Credit Footprint

A common question from the worldwide expat community. If you went back 7-8 years ago, there would be no lender permitting this scenario. However UK lenders are fighting for business, and many Expats are financial stable, and are seen as a worldly wise and savvy group to explore. 

At the outset most expat lenders want the borrower to either own already a UK property or have a credit footprint. However there are a number of bespoke lenders who don’t need either. 

So in effect they will permit a First-Time Buyer, Expat with No Credit footprint in the UK, additionally, if a UK bank account is required, we can advise on some of the mobile app banks that can be opened in minutes from worldwide locations, that will start to create a credit footprint. 

UK mortgage without a credit footprint

Simon Murphy is an International Mortgage Broker who resides between Spain | Ireland | UK

Having been in finance for over 17 years & as a Qualified & FCA Regulated UK mortgage professional he can give expert mortgage advice to Expats Worldwide, UK residents & those considering buying abroad with a foreign currency mortgage. 


 Thanks for your help and dedication in securing my mortgage. Especially since Id changed my job role recently, without your intervention I may have lost the property! At last I’m packing boxes.. 

Mrs A (South West), Home Mover

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