Raise cash from your property

There can be lots of different reasons to re-mortgage your home,  ie: capital raise for another property purchase such as a BTL or Buy abroad for personal and/or  holiday let purposes.

Have you other secured loans or commitments that are costing too much and do you need to consolidate to improve monthly affordability?
Or do you want to remortgage simply for a better rate to save money?

We can help with the best mortgage options and give expert advice throughout the process.

Better interest rates

In a recent financial study it was suggested that 1 in every 3 mortgages are lingering on the SVR ( Standard Variable Rate) this is the Lenders normal lending rate which is variable and is typically much higher than fixed / tracker or discount rates. 

The  SVR typically has no penalties to move to a new lender or rate, additionally many lenders are offering deals to change over such as free valuation or free legals or low entry application fees.

We will advise if savings can be made in your case, taking into account your needs and future goals. We aim to save you money, offer expert advice and source the best deal from 1000s of mortgages.




Debt Consolidation

Do you have large loan commitments or big credit overheads each month ? Are credit card bills nearly as big as your mortgage or car loan payment ? Do you have multiple loans with different rates and different terms ?

Even if you have had credit issues or defaults, we are always sympathetic and solution focused when we assess your circumstances to formulate a future financing plan. We will ensure that it is best advice, personal to you and your family.

Our aim:

  • Assess your commitments
  • Search out best deals
  • Recommend guaranteed cost saving solutions.

Case study


Mrs S B (Midlands)  a hard working Police officer and single mum with a Mortgage of £130,000 on a property value of £250,000 with repayment of £994 per month. Net take home pay £2930 per month.

Car finance in place with a loan payment of £332 pcm for a £10,000 car loan.

Credit cards of £15,000 had accumulated with a min payment of £450pcm where the balance would not reduce dramatically. Total outgoings on mortgage and loan debt; £1,776 pcm

After speaking with us,  the principle mortgage was refinanced for a better rate and taken to planned retirement age, an unsecured consolidation loan was recommended for £25,000 over a 7 year term that reduced overall monthly payments from £1,776 per month  to a manageable £995 per month and included vital life protection, the result – a monthly saving of over £780 per month.

Charges and fees

As with all other financial professionals such as accountants or solicitors, we charge a fee for our professional advice and service.

We understand everyones circumstances are different and our fee will be dependent on a clients requirements. Ultimately, we aim to get you the best deal possible. For UK based clients a typical fee is (£495) and for international clients we charge up to 1% of loan amount subject to minimum (£995).

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