Switching mortgages as an Expat

This is not a surprising issue that many Expats face. Unaware of the consequences, expats may be speaking to their bank and alert them that they reside overseas, suddenly the bank changes the address and the mortgage dept then are alerted to a property that is either empty, occupied by family or tenanted.. This could be a breach of mortgage terms if the property is being let out without consent. What then happens? 

The correct process is to alert your mortgage provider that you plan to leave to be an expat. If this is a temporary arrangement, some lenders may be comfortable with the mortgage remaining as is. If you plan to let the property, then getting a form filled from the bank called a ‘consent to let’ would be required, the bank may have the right to apply a loading to your existing rate of around 0.5 -2% so your payments may increase.  

If you have not done the above and you don’t plan to return anytime soon, then sourcing an expat BTL remortgage will be essential. This takes the worry out of what your lender might do, and if you want a better rate than the ‘loaded’ consent to let deal, then an Expat mortgage could save funds in the long run. 

Switching mortgages as an Expat

Simon Murphy is an International Mortgage Broker who resides between Spain | Ireland | UK

Having been in finance for over 17 years & as a Qualified & FCA Regulated UK mortgage professional he can give expert mortgage advice to Expats Worldwide, UK residents & those considering buying abroad with a foreign currency mortgage. 


 Thanks for your help and dedication in securing my mortgage. Especially since Id changed my job role recently, without your intervention I may have lost the property! At last I’m packing boxes.. 

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