As an Expat residing overseas, what is the maximum age I can take a UK mortgage to? 

Whats the oldest an Expat can take a UK mortgage to. A really good question, most expats with a mortgage in the UK are likely to ‘rent’ out their property under an AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) , if this is the case and the person renting is not a relative, it is more straight forward, because under UK mortgage regulations, this type of mortgage is a BTL and is not regulated. 

What this means is the terms you can obtain are more flexible including when the mortgage term can finish. Most Expat BTL lenders permit a term to age 85. However some even permit a 90+ term end and one or two have a ‘no max age’ at term end. 

Why have a mortgage to your 90’s ?? sounds crazy… Well remember as a BTL mortgage the tenant is in effect paying the mortgage while you can use your own funds for other purposes, and as rates are pretty low, this frees up your own capital to enhance your lifestyle or invest for higher returns. 

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