Unusual Expat Mortgage enquiries

Love this question.. I get lots of different scenarios being an Expat mortgage advisor for UK and Overseas property.

Ok let me think… So I had an enquiry from a Pakistani National (living in France, Eu right to reside) he owned a couple of UK properties held in an offshore ltd company in Channel Islands. Properties worth around £2 Mil 

He wanted to refinance and release some capital to purchase a property in South of Spain near Marbella, topped up by a Spanish Euro mortgage.  So this was a Foreign currency purchase with 100% finance. 

I was able to source an offshore lender, who would consider UK property and release 50% loan against value this was £1Mil and covert to euros with a 60% loan against the Spanish property of €1.67Mil


  • Cap Raise €1.17M + Spain Lending €1Mil   total €2.17M  to include purchase costs at 15% 
  • Property purchase in Spain of €1.67M.   

Simon Murphy is an International Mortgage Broker who resides between Spain | Ireland | UK

Having been in finance for over 17 years & as a Qualified & FCA Regulated UK mortgage professional he can give expert mortgage advice to Expats Worldwide, UK residents & those considering buying abroad with a foreign currency mortgage. Unusual Expat Mortgage enquiries


 Thanks for your help and dedication in securing my mortgage. Especially since Id changed my job role recently, without your intervention I may have lost the property! At last I’m packing boxes.. 

Mrs A (South West), Home Mover

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